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Are you on a spiritual journey and seeking more clarity in life?

I am a certified Astrologer in Australia and Psychic/Medium with clients from all around the world. I have more than 20 years experience assisting people in all areas of their lives and am very genuine and authentic in my spiritual practices.​

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Best Indian astrologer in australia

Looking for Trusted and Best Online Indian astrologer in Australia? I am a certified Astrologer and Psychic/Medium with clients from all around the world. I have more than 20 years experience assisting people in all areas of their lives and am very genuine and authentic in my spiritual practices.​

I specialize in live chat, face to face, video and phone readings and have helped thousands of people to date. I analyze the horoscope and provide proper guidance, advice on remedies. As an specialist astrologer in australia and psychic reader, phone readings and other consultations are confidential and filled with honesty and compassion.

When you schedule a cheap psychic reading session with me, you will receive a highly accurate, detailed and honest reading that will cover the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance. Contact me today for best psychics in australia.


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I Am An Expert Astrologer and trusted psychics reader in adelaide & Cover Topics Such As:






Marriage & Divorce

Gay/Lesbian Relations



Spiritual Advice

Astrology and Psychic Phone Readings

” Neha is a fantastic Psychic and always tunes right into me. She is always spot on and her predictions are accurate. I’m looking forward to my next reading with her & According to me She is best psychics in Australia ” – Terry Brown

Areas covered include:

  • Love and Relationships
  • Guidance for Future Goals and Desires
  • Career: New Opportunities and Promotion
  • Inner Growth and Spiritual Development
  • Meditation

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Working in the spiritual arena for over 20 years, I am one of Australia’s most prominent Clairvoyant Mediums.
My connections are deep and passionate. This will help you drift into the angelic realm and attain absolute peace.
Connecting with the Spirit realms, I pass loving messages to bring comfort to those who are grieving their loved-ones.
I aim to provide healing and a sense of peace. The messages I convey through my psychic readings have the highest truth and authenticity.

Being an exceptional psychic in Sydney, I deliver my expertise in Advanced Aura-Soma Colours Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Feng Shui practice, Past Life Therapy, Spiritual Life Path and Counseling. I hold my clients in a space of complete love and non-judgment throughout the personal session. This is ideal to assist their healing process.

I am all set to help those, who want to take guidance on their life’s journey for the higher purpose. Moreover, I offer skype and telephone sessions for my interstate and International clients.

Being Clairvoyant, I possess psychic abilities to see into other dimensions. It helps me connect to client’s Akashic records and help them seek their purpose.

As a medium, I use my innate gifts to establish a Spirit Communication. Through this connection I receive messages from the deceased ones and help you reach out to them. Through Life path counseling, I can advise you on the “Higher Path” as my abilities include seeing the path ahead.

Being an exceptionally gifted Clairvoyant Medium, I have inherited my ability to connect with my client’s spiritual essence. It helps me provide the accurate and honest readings for an absolute peace of mind. By offering survival Clairvoyant-Medium Readings, I aspire to bring peace and comfort to those in grief.

Carrying out Past Life Therapy, I tune into any appropriate lifetimes that may have been impacting your life. I strive to assist recognition of any issues that may need to be addressed during my personal consultation. As a clairvoyant, I aim to help my clients heal and grow spiritually.

For all those on a path of spiritual discovery, I conduct events, workshops and seminars in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia. To seek the help of a reliable psychic in Sydney, you are always welcome to my evening events and one day workshops.

The workshops, I deliver my expertise include:

  • Angels amongst Us -The Angelic Realms
  • Pendulums dowsing
  • Living Magically
  • Language of Colours
  • Visiting the Spiritual Realms
  • Christmas Spirit
  • Cheap Psychic Reading