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Do you want to unfold the most pressing issues of your life?

Uncertain about what life ahead has for you?

To help you seek answers to all your questions, I am here to help. If you are uncertain about your future or are set on a spiritual journey. I, astrologer psychic Neha can help you find the answers and provide a meaningful direction. For spiritual growth, one needs to find clarity in life. With the help of my astrology, and psychic reading sessions, I will help you attain the peace that you have been yearning for.

I am a certified Astrologer in melbourne, Psychic Medium who has been providing her expertise to clients all over the world. Having a wealth of experience, I understand my client’s spiritual needs in order to help clients achieve absolute spiritual satisfaction. I have been assisting my client’s in all areas of life including love, luck and career for more than 20 years. Being acknowledged as an exceptional Astrologer and Psychic in Melbourne and, I am providing genuine and authentic services.

My in-depth study, experience and knowledge allow me to help my clients. Most of them seek a meaningful direction and empowerment in their lives. I deliver my expertise in a face to face, phone, skype live chat, video and email readings. My specialties include providing authentic Astrology and Psychic phone readings in Melbourne. Being highly confidential, my readings are filled with honesty and compassion. Being one of the famous Astrologer in Melbourne, I aspire to provide my client accurate and honest reading, to help clear the vague thoughts. Sometimes, we need some spiritual guidance to find the answers of our quest. Allowing me to help will let you clear your ambiguities and put your life back on track.

Combining client’s detailed information and my psychic insights, I strive to provide the best solutions. In order to unlock the true potential, you need to unfold the pressing issues of your life. Empowering your thoughts is the only way to get clarity in life. In order to choose a direction, I am offering my services in Astrology, Clairvoyant Readings, Medium-ship Readings, Angel Readings, Life Planning, Healing Sessions, Workshop & Private Tuition’s and Puja services. Moreover, I love to help those who are seeking spiritual guidance all across Australia.

My Clairvoyant Reading service will help you find a purpose in life. If things are not going the way they should be, then there must be a reason behind. Allow me to help you understand the reason causing such consequence. If you feel stuck, my psychic readings will help you unfold the ambiguities that have been tormenting you.

If you have been grieving a loved one and want to reach out to him, I am at your service. With the help of my medium-ship abilities, you can connect to your loved ones from the spirit world.

My angel reading service can help you connect with your angels from the angelic realm. By calling your angels, you can get support in all aspects of your life where you need guidance. I guarantee that feeling the peaceful presence of angels would be an exquisite experience.

Take my hand, if you need assistance on any issues that are hindering your progress in life.

I Am An Expert Astrologer and trusted psychics reader in adelaide & Cover Topics Such As:






Marriage & Divorce

Gay/Lesbian Relations



Spiritual Advice

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