You know that little voice within, the one that softly speaks up when you are unsure of something? That voice is your intuition. These are the messages that your higher self wants to hear. This is your soul speaking; wanting you to connect. As we connect more to our inner being, we are calling forth our higher self. Our higher self is our birthright, it is all that we are and all that we can be.

Knowing your soul’s purpose, what you were put on this earth to do, can feel very empowering and the results can be so rewarding in every aspect of your life. We are all on this journey called life and sometimes along the way, we stumble, we fall, we question; and this is perfectly ok. When we come across these blocks and start to question ourselves, we are reaching deeper into our being and connecting with our higher self.

As we start to align ourselves with our higher self; the purpose of us being here begins to makes more sense. Limiting beliefs drop away and you surrender to the ebbs and flows of life. Our true authentic self comes out and we start to attract our tribe; the people we most connect and resonate to.

Other ways to connect to your higher purpose are;

Become Mindful

When it comes to listing to your soul, spirit, intuition and higher self, mindfulness plays an important role in this. When you are being mindful, you are being present. As you begin this practice; it may be difficult to switch off. Stay patient with yourself and start small. It could be paying attention to the sounds around you as you walk, feeling the warm water on your hands as you do the dishes or slowing down when you eat; savouring every mouthful.

Practise Meditation

Meditation will do wonders for your body, mind and soul. It is when the mind is quiet that the soul will speak. Practicing meditation allows you to connect to your conscience. When you sit in silence, your thoughts seem to drift away.

The best time to do meditation is in the morning or before you go to sleep. Calm your mind before bed time by having a cup of Camomile tea before you sleep, sit in solitude and listen to the silence. Start to focus on how your body feels. You may even find the answer to questions you have been seeking, If you find it hard to switch off; there are many guided Youtube videos on meditation, that may be able to help you.

Become Grounded

Grounding is when we connect to the earth. It is how we restore energy and bring that balance back into our lives. We live busy lives but as soon as you head into nature or sink your feet into sand or grass, the world slowly stops. Take off your shoes and socks and feel the earth beneath your feet.

Embody Love and Gratitude

Love and gratitude play a major role when connecting to your higher self; when your heart and mind are compromised of love; negativity cannot exist. When you are grateful, you are appreciating what is already in your life, and when the universe see’s how appreciative you are, the energy and vibration you are giving out, it will provide more to you to be grateful for.


Forgive yourself, forgive your past and most importantly forgive others; cut the cord and release attachments to anything that is no longer serving you. Write letters that you will not send and open up your heart to unconditional love.

The more you listen and connect within; the less likely you will be able to tolerate anything that doesn’t empower you; the more you connect, the less your ego has a voice. You are a divine being put in this world with a purpose and when you start to know what that is your life becomes even more meaningful and rewarding